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Pure Delight - Ramadan Delight

Ramadan Delight

100% natürlich

100% natural







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Pure Delight - Ramadan Delight

During Ramadan the lack of food and drink throughout the day, as well as the extra stress placed on your digestion system by breaking fast at Iftar, can take its toll on your metabolism, leaving you feeling tired and bloated. At Pure Delight we understand the effects that fasting can have on your body and have created an exclusive Ramadan package, with a carefully designed menu to help your body recover and revive.

1 x 350 ml Soup (vegan, pureed, different recipes)
1 x 440 ml Lemonade
1 x 440 ml Fruit- and vegetable juices (cold-pressed, different recipes)
1 x vegan breakfast inspired by international detox recipes
1 x Date Smoothie

100% organic, natural, cold-pressed, vegan, & gluten-free,
Free from artificial additives and preservatives
Not heated or pasteurized

Our Ramadan package will help you choose wisely during the Holy Month of Ramadan.